Tony Harbron and Holly Whitehead

Tony Harbron and Holly Whitehead are just two normal, ordinary…



We are weird. We’re different. We’re certainly not going to be everyone’s cup of tea.

But we are bloody good at what we do.

We met at Lightfoot, a company that designs and manufactures the world’s first technology to reward better driving.

Rapid growth...

As a marketing team that began with just the two of us and grew to be ten strong, we helped the business go from a staff of 12 to over 70, launched a consumer product, appeared in national mainstream media (including the BBC), won numerous awards and saw BGF and Martin McCourt, ex CEO of Dyson, invest in the business.

We realised that that phase of high growth is where we both work best and have the most fun.

It’s a time for taking risks.

Thinking carefully.

Acting daringly.

We want to help more businesses do and achieve what Lightfoot did.

Supporting ambitious entrepreneurs...

We want to support ambitious entrepreneurs in their mission – as long as it’s worthwhile and exciting.

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Growth Guide Tony Harbron

Tony Harbron of Growth Guides marketing, the Exeter based team helping founders and ambitious companies to scale up

Tony Harbron is a highly experienced strategist, innovator and marketing professional with time spent in both client and agency environments as well as in senior management (to listed company CEO level) and as an entrepreneur responsible for creating, building and selling a number of successful brands and businesses.

Tony was previously involved with numerous world-famous brands and organisations including Red Bull, the BBC, Ofcom, Lynx, Pot Noodle, Ministry of Sound, the FT, the Independent,, Virgin etc.

He is an innovation specialist and has run numerous workshops and seminars on creativity, new product development and idea generation.

His most recent venture saw him guide Lightfoot on their growth journey and he remains an investor in the company. Tony is an Oxford University graduate, an MBA, and a member of the Marketing and Market Research Societies.


Growth Guide Holly Whitehead

Holly Whitehead is a marketing professional with hands-on B2B and B2C expertise driving and managing rapid growth, including through external investment.

Experience ranges from day-to-day execution of marketing activity to wider strategy, brand development, product launches and the recruitment and management both of internal teams and 3rd parties/agencies.

She is passionate about combining strategy, culture and action both to deliver results now and to set up brands/businesses for long-term and sustainable success.

With a love for working with amazing people/founders who are intent on doing worthwhile things and are ready to break the rules.

Holly Whitehead, co-founder of Growth Guides, the Exeter-based team helping founders and ambitious companies scale up quickly and sustainably

Growth Guide Barley

Barley, the Growth Guides Marketing dog and Chief Wellbeing Officer outside Exeter Cathedral

Barley is Growth Guides' Chief Wellbeing Officer.

He is the boss of all things fun, ensuring we take some time to enjoy the simpler things in life. He makes sure we have regular fresh air breaks and play as hard as we work.

Barley's the friendliest face in the Growth Guides team (Holly and Tony can't really get away with running up to people at networking events and licking them!). He adores people and encourages his introverted colleagues to get out there and socialise, strengthening the team's network of contacts and making sure every encounter is memorable.

He is the youngest member of the team and has lots to learn - the next lesson will certainly be 'why we don't bite prospective clients'...

If you spot Barley around, come and say hello - but be prepared for a ball of energy that just wants to play.

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