Growth Guides Marketing Tony Harbron and Holly Whitehead with Securious cyber securityExeter Devon

Growth Guides and Securious, the South West’s leading cyber security company

So, Growth Guides is now officially a ‘thing’ and Tony and I are fielding questions left right and centre about what we’re doing now that we’ve launched.

Aside from catching up with lots of our lovely local friends and spreading the word about Growth Guides to Exeter’s awesome business community, we’re now working on our first project with Securious, the South West’s leading cyber security company.

We’re spending most of our time with the team here (which is why we have such limited availability) – it’s a hugely exciting challenge but there’s a lot to do, and we’re dedicating 80% of our resources to setting up a marketing function and building a sustainable model that will deliver ongoing success for the business.

We are often in or around their office at the Science Park, so as a quick aside for anyone in the area – please feel free to come and visit us; the café does great food that certainly beats a supermarket meal deal!

So, how is it working?

Well, Tony has come on board as Chief Growth Officer and will be driving the growth of Securious – he’ll be responsible for developing the strategy, positioning and value proposition, building the team and company culture and looking at how the commercial element of the business could be improved.

And me? I’ve taken on the role of Head of Marketing, where I’ll be owning the marketing effort, developing a strategy, building the business’ profile, developing content and assets and generally supporting the overall growth of the business.

The model itself is working really well – it’s how, in an ideal world, we’d like to work with clients in the future: dedicating a large proportion of our time to them and coming in-house to deliver rapid results and create a blueprint that will set them up for ongoing success.

It helps us really get our teeth into the challenge, getting to know the team and the culture and making recommendations based on our experience and perspective, as well as allowing us to be far more proactive in terms of marketing and spotting/exploiting opportunities as they arise.

So that’s us and that’s what we’re up to. Securious is such an exciting client to be working with (in a nutshell, they help people with a need for cyber security services such as Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus, PCI compliance, ISO 27001, penetration testing and other services to help them build their resilience).

We can’t wait to tell you more as the challenge unfolds.

By Holly Whitehead...

Holly Whitehead, co-founder of Growth Guides, the Exeter-based team helping founders and ambitious companies scale up quickly and sustainably

Holly Whitehead is a marketing professional with hands-on B2B and B2C expertise driving and managing rapid growth, including through external investment.

Experience ranges from day-to-day execution of marketing activity to wider strategy, brand development, product launches and the recruitment and management both of internal teams and 3rd parties/agencies.

In 2018 Holly was selected as one of '35 business people under 35 to watch out for' by Devon Live.

She is passionate about combining strategy, culture and action both to deliver results now and to set up brands/businesses for long-term and sustainable success.

With a love for working with amazing people/founders who are intent on doing worthwhile things and are ready to break the rules.

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