Launching hollyandtony.com – two marketing mavericks on their cyber security awakening

Almost one year ago to the day, Tony and I started working with Securious, an Exeter-based cyber security company sitting on a f***-tonne of potential. 

If I’m honest, we both expected it to be a bit of a slam dunk. Or at least, we reckoned that once we got our side of things right, it would be. After all, plenty of people really need help with their cyber security – the need is very real – so we just needed to spread the word, right?

Only, nothing is ever that simple…

People might need better cyber security, but most haven’t realised this yet. In other words, they don’t actually want it yet. Or know how to get started. Or, or, or… So, it’s not an easy sell and we’ve been working really hard fixing all that stuff, which is an exciting story (still in progress) that we look forward to sharing soon. 

Something weird happened to us

But along the way, something happened to us on a deeper level…

If you know us, you’ll know we are hardly the most compliant people by nature. We like breaking rules, being creative and trying new things. So if we’re honest, cyber security felt a bit too much like rules that might get in the way and slow us down. That’s certainly how we treated it in our past lives. But as time went on, we started to change.

Allergic to all things compliance

I still haven’t quite put my finger on what it was that actually tipped it for me – the thing that converted me from a marketing-maverick, allergic to all things compliance, to an evangelist of good cyber security and the importance of robust processes and policies. 

But something did. Maybe it was hearing about our clients, and the huge losses hard-working people, businesses and charities face as a result of poor protection. 

Maybe it was learning that actually, it’s way simpler and easier than anyone would ever believe, to protect yourself from cyber crime. 

Or maybe it was seeing all the positives, all the good things cyber security can do. Especially the things that should really matter to people like us, who are working in marketing or responsible for a brand and its reputation.

Whatever it was that did it, it worked. On me, and on Tony. 

Converts on a mission

We feel like we’ve seen the light. And now, as converts, we want to show others – especially those who aren’t naturally inclined to engage with it – how cyber security can be a significant, exciting and (still largely) untapped opportunity. 

We started off by doing a workshop, talking to the South West’s business leaders about all things cyber (with a ban on any technical jargon!). 

It wasn’t easy to get people to come, but we got a great reaction, loved doing it and felt like we made a real breakthrough in that hour. So we did some more, with similar challenges getting people to come and similar positive outcomes for those who did. 

And we wanted to do more of them. But lockdown happened and stopped that side of things, at least for now. 

Launching hollyandtony.com

So instead we’re launching a new website – Holly and Tony Do Cyber Security – but don’t ask us exactly what it is yet because we aren’t really sure. 

We aren’t selling anything – we just know we want somewhere to document our thoughts, learnings and journey, as we try to help business and marketing people the South West improve their knowledge, awareness and understanding of cyber security. 

Helping marketing people see the opportunity

We plan on putting a particular emphasis on the marketing, branding and reputational side of things, seeing as that’s the side of it we know best. After all, there’s so much for marketing people to know and use to help themselves and their clients boost their business.

We’d love for you to check it out, and let us know what you think. 

All the best, 

Holly and Tony x

P.S. Here’s a video of us talking about the new site:

By Holly Whitehead...

Holly Whitehead, co-founder of Growth Guides, the Exeter-based team helping founders and ambitious companies scale up quickly and sustainably

Holly Whitehead is a marketing professional with hands-on B2B and B2C expertise driving and managing rapid growth, including through external investment.

Experience ranges from day-to-day execution of marketing activity to wider strategy, brand development, product launches and the recruitment and management both of internal teams and 3rd parties/agencies.

In 2018 Holly was selected as one of '35 business people under 35 to watch out for' by Devon Live.

She is passionate about combining strategy, culture and action both to deliver results now and to set up brands/businesses for long-term and sustainable success.

With a love for working with amazing people/founders who are intent on doing worthwhile things and are ready to break the rules.

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