Innovation Workshops

Rapid intervention to give you exciting, strategically sound and actionable direction, fast!

Three Challenges for Founders...

These 3 factors can stop start ups and innovative businesses reaching their full potential


Founders, their teams and their agencies aren't clear what their brand is and what it stands for


Founders aren't sure if they are set up to maximise the chances of real breakthrough success


Founders struggle to present their story effectively meaning others fail to buy into in


A high intensity workshop- tackling a big issue that's holding you back

Built on decades of experience in the innovation space

Rapid turnaround of actionable deliverables within 24 hours

Our Workshop Proposition

We believe our half day workshops are the most effective vehicles we know for delivering maximum value in the shortest time period.

We also believe getting straight down to business like this is the best way to kick off a new client relationship: we really get to know each other and the risk is minimal.

Core Workshop Options

Brand Blueprint

Get clear on your brand's purpose, mission, vision, target audience, positioning, values and personality - and share with others

7 Laws Audit

Assess your business against our unique and proprietary "7 Laws of Innovation" to uncover key opportunities and solve potential issues

Founder's Story Arc

Develop a strategically sound narrative for expressing your business story in a way that will inspire customers, investors and the media.

Bespoke Sessions

We can tackle specific issues and design a bespoke session for you at no extra cost

How They Work

Our workshops are designed to deliver maximum impact for minimum call on your time. We cut out everything that is not necessary and deliver fast results you can use immediately.

1) Pre-workshop - define scope/objectives

2) Pre-workshop - agree participants

3) Pre-workshop - agree venue or Zoom

4) Pre-workshop - agree prep if required

5) Growth Guides run workshop

6) Growth Guides deliver outputs

7) Agree any follow up activites


We have a simple fixed price structure for all our workshops, including our time, preparation and post-workshop deliverables. You just sort the venue and we'll do the rest!


Workshop in person


Online workshop

*plus vat at the standard rate


Our Innovation Audit Workshop with Growth Guides was absolutely invaluable. I would recommend it to anyone taking a new idea to market. Tony and Holly’s experience and analytical approach provides a powerful opportunity to ensure you are exploiting the full potential and strengths of your idea, and also helps identify any gaps or cracks. The outputs are exactly what you need to hone your thinking and be confident that you’re entering the market with the strongest offering possible...

Dan Regan

Co-Founder, Moonshine

Working through the "7 Laws of Innovation" and applying them to our new brand was a complete eye-opener. Tony's experience and insights into what really makes innovation work along with Holly's brutally clear thinking gave us a list of things to change for the better. At the end of the workshop, we were surprised by at just how much we had learned...

Roz Woodward

Co-Founder, Securious

I found our "Brand Blueprint" session so useful - it was a real breakthrough for us. Getting focus on what our brand is all about and becoming much clearer on how to share that effectively with other people has been crucial. We needed a strategic plan and Growth Guides has given us one that we are really excited by. Tony and Holly make a great team!

Dawn Dines

Founder, SOS Global & StopTopps


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