Home cyber security and the dawn of the cyber-aware customer

Through our work with Securious, Holly and I are on a mission to encourage businesses to improve their cyber security and persuade them that it’s both less difficult and more rewarding than they might imagine…

But let’s be honest, it’s not easy and many still have their heads in the sand or at least haven’t got round to making a start.

Pressure to improve from cyber-aware customers

Holly recently suggested that a surefire way to get businesses to take their cyber security more seriously might be increased demand on them from a customer perspective. 

In other words, if individuals start to care more about the way companies look after their personal information, they will, in turn, ask much more from the businesses they buy from. The logic is hard to fault, but it hardly seemed like something we could hold our breath for. 

However, I was intrigued to see an article by Keren Elazari in Wired today promoting the idea of individuals making home cyber security a priority in 2020. 

Home cyber security becoming a priority in 2020

Elazari argues we can no longer rely on technology providers to protect our data and sums up her thesis nicely in this line:

“In 2020, becoming the chief security officer of your own life will become not just acceptable, but necessary.”

It strikes me there are two really interesting angles on this:

First, at face value, if you’ve got the cyber security sorted in your workplace, it’s a valid argument that you probably need to start protecting your data and privacy more effectively and proactively at home. Not convinced? Read the article and you might be.

Second, however, is the (perhaps unintended) consequence this line of reasoning might have on businesses, as suggested by Holly’s thesis. After all, as she suggested, if individuals are starting to take their personal cyber security seriously, you can bet they’ll be demanding more of the businesses they engage with as customers.

Cyber-aware customers will demand more from businesses

Indeed, you could argue that in the absence of sufficiently compelling legislation, cyber security will only really get taken seriously by some companies when their customers start demanding more of them. 

In other words, an awakening of cyber aware customers who demand more from the businesses they give money to might be the most effective means possible to drive better uptake of cyber security best practice.

This article from Keren Elazari in Wired suggests that day may be coming sooner than we perhaps expected.

See more on our work with Securious here

By Tony Harbron...

Tony Harbron of Growth Guides marketing, the Exeter based team helping founders and ambitious companies to scale up

Tony Harbron is a highly experienced strategist, innovator and marketing professional with time spent in both client and agency environments as well as in senior management (to listed company CEO level) and as an entrepreneur responsible for creating, building and selling a number of successful brands and businesses.

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His most recent venture saw him guide Lightfoot on their growth journey and he remains an investor in the company. Tony is an Oxford University graduate, an MBA, and a member of the Marketing and Market Research Societies.

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