StopTopps anti drink spiking lids

Drink spiking and why we’re supporting StopTopps

It’s time to stamp it out

Drink spiking is a disgusting, dangerous and hugely under-reported crime. Huge numbers of people are affected, sometimes in a catastrophic way. Even worse, there are seldom any consequences for the perpetrators.

Drink spiking is a nightmare for victims

There is often a sense of shame for the victims of drink spiking. They are frequently not believed and may have no idea where to turn for support. It is a nightmare and it is time for this to end

We believe it is time for drink spiking to be brought into the open. It needs to be discussed, better recognised and tackled. Currently, it is often overlooked or even facilitated by those who would be horrified if they realised how awful the consequences could be.

StopTopps to deter drink spiking

So we are really proud to be helping a new Devon-based not-for-profit launch StopTopps, a range of reusable plastic and foil tops for glasses and bottles to deter drink spiking.

SOS UK, the community interest company behind StopTopps, is on a much bigger mission. They want to tackle the issue through education and exposure but in StopTopps they have a tool to help people protect themselves from opportunist spiking.

The goal is to have StopTopps readily available in bars and clubs. This will help people protect themselves while raising awareness, increasing education and facilitating discussion of the issue of drink spiking.

Can you help us?

It’s very early days and StopTopps are just getting going. This is a cause that really matters to them and it really matters to us. But if we are going to make a difference we’re going to need help.

We need people to stand up and say drink spiking is not acceptable, to share their stories and to help spread the word. And to get StopTopps into clubs and bars as quickly as possible we need practical support.

Growth Guides and StopTopps would really appreciate your help if you agree it is time to do something.

Please have a look at the new StopTopps website to learn more.

StopTopps anti drink spiking website screenshot

Reminder – drink spiking can destroy lives

Finally, if you are still unsure how much of a problem spiking is, please watch this report from Sky News on how it can destroy lives:

Follow StopTopps

If nothing else, and if you believe in what they are doing, please follow and support StopTopps on social media and help us get the word out:

StopTopps on Facebook

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StopTopps on Twitter

StopTopps on LinkedIn

What do you think?

If you have any thoughts, suggestions or feedback, please get in touch and let us know!

By Tony Harbron...

Tony Harbron of Growth Guides marketing, the Exeter based team helping founders and ambitious companies to scale up

Tony Harbron is a highly experienced strategist, innovator and marketing professional with time spent in both client and agency environments as well as in senior management (to listed company CEO level) and as an entrepreneur responsible for creating, building and selling a number of successful brands and businesses.

Tony was previously involved with numerous world-famous brands and organisations including Red Bull, the BBC, Ofcom, Lynx, Pot Noodle, Ministry of Sound, the FT, the Independent,, Virgin etc.

He is an innovation specialist and has run numerous workshops and seminars on creativity, new product development and idea generation.

His most recent venture saw him guide Lightfoot on their growth journey and he remains an investor in the company. Tony is an Oxford University graduate, an MBA, and a member of the Marketing and Market Research Societies.

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