Holly Whitehead

Launching hollyandtony.com – two marketing mavericks on their cyber security awakening

By Holly Whitehead / 16th June 2020

Almost one year ago to the day, Tony and I started working with Securious, an Exeter-based cyber security company sitting on a f***-tonne of potential.  If I’m honest, we both expected it to be a bit of a slam dunk. Or at least, we reckoned that once we got our side of things right, it…

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Growth Guides Marketing Tony Harbron, Holly Whitehead and Barley networking Exeter Devon

An introvert’s guide to networking events

By Holly Whitehead / 30th August 2019

This world – especially the business world – can feel like it’s geared towards the more extroverted among us. And it’s quite easy for us introverts to feel a little bit out of place,  or perhaps even slightly embarrassed, by the fact we don’t thrive in rooms full of strangers… But just because it’s not…

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Growth Guides Marketing Tony Harbron and Holly Whitehead with Securious cyber securityExeter Devon

Growth Guides and Securious, the South West’s leading cyber security company

By Holly Whitehead / 2nd July 2019

So, Growth Guides is now officially a ‘thing’ and Tony and I are fielding questions left right and centre about what we’re doing now that we’ve launched. Aside from catching up with lots of our lovely local friends and spreading the word about Growth Guides to Exeter’s awesome business community, we’re now working on our…

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Growth Guides Marketing Holly Whitehead and Barley Exeter Devon

On seeking a better work-life balance

By Holly Whitehead / 18th June 2019

I wrote this at the start of 2019 without realising how much change was around the corner. But it’s all part of the same narrative and why I’ve chosen to take the leap with Growth Guides and have more control over the things that really matter to me… I learnt something about myself last year.…

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