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2 Minute Tip: How To Launch Better New Products & Services

If you are one of the many people thinking of introducing new products or services to adapt to this crazy new world, you might find this exercise really useful.

It’s something from Amazon that I first heard about a few years ago.

Start at the end

If a manager at Amazon wants the go-ahead to develop a new product, they have to start by drafting the press release that would announce it’s launch.

So you start with the end – the outcome – in mind.

Don’t be fooled into thinking this is a marketing or pr thing: it’s much more fundamental – it’s about getting clear on exactly what you are going to deliver before you start building it, and then working backwards.

Get really clear

In writing the release, you need a real clarity of thinking: exactly why is this new product needed and what will it deliver. Any uncertainty or woolly thinking suddenly becomes very obvious and you’ll quickly know if you need to go back for a re-think.

And if the release doesn’t excite, the idea probably needs more work before it’s going to get the go-ahead.

Give it a try!

If you’re thinking of developing something new, try it. Write the release and see if it reveals holes in your thinking. Then try it on your colleagues, advisors and mates – does it get their juices flowing? How could it be improved?

I guarantee you’ll find it a really useful exercise to go through that will save you going down many blind alleys.

Learn more

Holly and I use this technique a lot on projects we’re involved in but just recently saw a really good article that outlines the Amazon approach in a lot more detail and gives a brilliant template for the release structure. Here’s a link to the article on Medium.

Get the template

If you want a copy of the press release template suggested, I’ve turned it into a Google Doc here.

Hope this is helpful and let us know if you give it a go 🙂

By Tony Harbron...

Tony Harbron of Growth Guides marketing, the Exeter based team helping founders and ambitious companies to scale up

Tony Harbron is a highly experienced strategist, innovator and marketing professional with time spent in both client and agency environments as well as in senior management (to listed company CEO level) and as an entrepreneur responsible for creating, building and selling a number of successful brands and businesses.

Tony was previously involved with numerous world-famous brands and organisations including Red Bull, the BBC, Ofcom, Lynx, Pot Noodle, Ministry of Sound, the FT, the Independent,, Virgin etc.

He is an innovation specialist and has run numerous workshops and seminars on creativity, new product development and idea generation.

His most recent venture saw him guide Lightfoot on their growth journey and he remains an investor in the company. Tony is an Oxford University graduate, an MBA, and a member of the Marketing and Market Research Societies.

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